itSeez3D Avatar SDK  1.0.0
SDK for AI-powered 3D avatars creation
AvatarSdkParams Struct Reference

#include <avatar_sdk_structures.hpp>

Public Member Functions

DllExport void addHaircuts (const char *const *const haircutArray, int size)
DllExport void addBlendshapes (const char *const *const blendshapesArray, int size)
 AvatarSdkParams (AvatarSdkParams &other)=delete

Data Fields

AvatarSdkPipelineType pipelineType
 Type of the avatar.
char * inputImagePath
 Path to the photo in the PNG or JPEG format.
wchar_t * wInputImagePath
 Path to the photo in UTF16 encoding. Works only on Windows platform.
char * outputDirPath
 Directory to which the result will be written.
char * resourcesJson
 JSON with the list of resources that should be generated.
char * resourcesJsonFilePath
 Path to the resources JSON file if the resourcesJson isn't specified.
AvatarSdkMeshFormat outputMeshFormat
 Format in which output meshes will be saved.
bool saveHaircutAsPointCloud
 Save haircuts as point clouds.
 Computation parameters. The generated data is stored in the model.json file in the output directory.
 Requested avatar modifications.
 Additional textures (along with default one) reuqested to compute for avatar.
char ** haircuts = nullptr
 List of haircuts to calculate for avatar (should be initialized through addHaircuts method)
unsigned int haircutsNumber
 Number of haircuts in list.
char ** blendshapes = nullptr
 List of blendshapes to calculate for avatar (should be initialized through addBlendshapes method)
unsigned int blendshapesNumber
 Number of blendshapes in list.

Detailed Description

Parameters for avatar generation

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