Meet the Avatar SDK! Designed to provide seamless integration with Avatar SDK for iOS developers.

Get the latest version of the plugin here: Download Plugin

  • Last update: 2020.10.07
  • Current version: 1.4.0
  • Plugin license: BSD License 2.0
  • Compatibility: Xcode 12

Getting Started

  • Download the latest release package (see the link above)
  • Run ‘pod install’ command to inslall dependencies
  • Register on avatarsdk.com. Select “Client credentials” in Authorization Grant field and put your credentials (App Client ID & App Client Secret) into AppDelegate.swift in corresponding sample application (itSeez3DMacAvatarDemo for macOS or itSeez3DAvatarDemo for iOS).
  • Read documentation included into SDK for more information. Ask support@avatarsdk.com if you have any problems or questions!


This project contains a wrapper over Avatar SDK Cloud API and samples for macOS and iOS platforms. itSeez3DAvatarSDK package provides models and utilities which can help you send a photo to our cloud, compute a 3D avatar from that photo and download generated avatar from our cloud.

You can use AvatarModel/item to visualize avatar on-screen and AvatarModel/haircutItems and AvatarModel/outfitItems to additionally modify it. Samples for iOS and macOS platforms shares some code (e.g. viewer for 3D models) which can be found in the “Common” folder. The itSeez3DAvatarDemo folder contains some specific code for the iOS sample, the itSeez3DAvatarMacDemo folder corresponds to the macOS sample.

These samples will demonstrate how to use Avatar SDK to generate an avatar with some haircuts and outfits and display it with the SceneKit.