Avatar SDK Standalone Application  2.0.8
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It is a command-line application that allows the generation of avatars locally on the device. Internet connection is used only to log the number of avatars to the Avatar SDK cloud. It tries to connect to our server each time before the avatar calculation. If the Avatar SDK server is unreachable, an error will be returned.

Latest Windows version is 2.0.8: Download for Windows
Latest Docker version is 2.0.8: Download for Docker

Older Releases
Avatar SDK Website
Support email: suppo.nosp@m.rt@a.nosp@m.vatar.nosp@m.sdk..nosp@m.com

Supported Pipelines

System Requirements

  • Windows 7,8 or 10 64-bit
  • Ubuntu 14/16/18/20/22
  • Mac OS X (11+)
  • Intel or AMD processor with AVX extension set
  • 2 GB of RAM available


Follow the Installation Guide to install and run the Standalone Application.


The special license file (res_I7IFyeGGMPc=.bytes) should be placed to the resources directory (Windows version) along with the other resources or the working directory (workdir, Docker version). You can get this license file on your account page.

Command Line Arguments (Windows)

avatar_sdk_standalone.exe <inputImageFilename> <outputFolder> <resourcesPath>

inputImageFilename: path to an image in JPEG or PNG format.
outputDir: an output folder.
resourcesPath: path to the resources folder.

Command Line Arguments (Docker)

./avatar_sdk_standalone.sh <workdir> <inputImageFilename> <outputFolder>

workdir: a working directory (an absolute path) to be mounted inside the docker container.
inputImageFilename: path to an image in JPEG or PNG format (relative to the workdir).
outputDir: an output folder (relative to the workdir).

Optional arguments:
-pipelineSubtype <bust|head>: pipeline subtype. The bust subtype is the default. Also subtype can be configured in the JSON parameters file.
-paramsFile <path>: path to the JSON file with computation parameters. You can find samples of such parameters in the "parameters_samples" directory. You are allowed to create your own parameters files based on these samples. You may change some values or remove unnecessary options. For example, you can completely remove haircuts if you don't use them or leave only some subset of haircuts required for your needs.
-f <ply|obj|fbx>: format of the generated mesh. PLY is used by default.
-lod <N>: level of details for the Head subtype. Possible values from 1 to 7. LODs for the Bust pipeline are always generated.
-morphPosesDir <path>: the folder with the *.txt files that contain blendshapes' coefficients. These blendshapes will be applied to the generated model and the morphed mesh will be saved.
-apiUrl <url>: Avatar SDK API URL. This parameter allows changing the API URL. The default URL is: "https://api.avatarsdk.com". If you have problems with connection to the Avatar SDK server due to Firewall restrictions, you can specify the secondary URL: "https://avatar-api.itseez3d.com".
-license <path>: a path to a license file (res_I7IFyeGGMPc=.bytes by default)

Examples Of Usage

Look at the Examples Of Usage (Windows) or/and
Examples Of Usage (Docker) pages to find the most common samples.

Parameters Description

Detailed information about parameters provided in JSON file can be found on the Parameters Description page.

3rd Party Licenses

We are using the following 3rd party licenses: https://avatarsdk.com/third-party-licenses/